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Our Guide to Traditional French Cakes

Our Guide to Traditional French Cakes

French Cakes are now found in patisseries’ across Australia and baking these delectable goodies is definitely something that takes a lot of skill, practice and patience. French recipes lay a lot of stress on using the finest and the freshest ingredients and that becomes the starting-point of learning good old’ French-styled baking.

A Delectable Spread

What probably makes the learning process even more challenging is the fact that there is a range of traditional French Cakes that are now very popular. This is a guide to the most popular of the lot:

Apple Cake

 Apple cake This is an extremely simple French cake that has almond powder in it that lends it moistness and extra flavor. It’s perfect for dessert and can be served either with ice cream or whipped cream. Alternately, you can try it as a delicious breakfast coffee cake.

Baba Au Rhum

Baba Au Rhum Traditionally, yeast dough is used to make Baba au Rhum. But baking powder can be used for leavening it too. This cake is generally baked in a ring-mould. This rum-soaked cake tastes delicious when it is topped with fresh whipped cream.

Cannelas Bordelais

Cannelas Bordelais These very uniquely-shaped desserts can be called French cupcakes. They have a very crunchy and caramelized exterior that covers a creamy and crepe-like interior. It has a delicious rum & vanilla flavouring.

Chestnut Flour Cake

Chestnut Flour Cake This is essentially a recipe from Corsica, the Mediterranean island that belongs to France. It has chestnut flour, a frequent ingredient in Corsican cuisine.

Chocolate Almond Cake

Chocolate Almond Cake This is a very simple chocolate cake that is called- Reine de Saba. The almond flour makes it dense & moist. Typically, this dessert is served topped with crème anglaise.

Chocolate Charlotte

Chocolate Charlotte This particular traditional French dessert needs no baking. Brandy-soaked lady fingers are used to line the special mould. These are then filled with a very airy chocolate mousse- it is a very elegant cake.

Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate Lava Cake In French, this cake is called Moelleux au chocolat. It has a warm liquid-chocolate centre. It can be made in advance and then baked just before it has to be served. This is a very rich French dessert.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Chocolate Mousse Cake This is a fantastic cake that is served in a delicious pool of raspberry sauce & then topped with sweetened whipped-cream. It is essentially a flourless chocolate cake and very easy to make.

Cream Puff

Cream Puff This uses choux pastry that has a cream filling and is not very difficult to make. As a matter of fact, the pastry becomes the basis of a number of French cakes recipes. Cream puffs are a great treat at any birthday party.

The Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake This is a very light and not-too-sweet French cake that is traditionally made in the Alsace region. It has a little hint of lemon flavor & is baked in a delicious pie crust. The Tarte au fromage blanc has a very airy texture and is delicious to the core.

The King Cake

The King Cake The La galette des rois is a frangipane-stuffed puff pastry with a twist. It is intended for any Twelfth Night celebration, but you can easily enjoy this very simple homemade cake at any time of the year.

Mocha Cake

Mocha Cake This is quite an elaborate cake. It has Genoise layers that have coffee flavoured buttercream frosting & it is decorated with crunchy toasted almonds. It is a very elegant dessert.

Prune Cake

Prune Cake Far Breton is a French cake that is made in the Brittany region. It has Agen Prunes in a simple flan-like cake. It’s nutritious and delicious.

Rum Cake

Rum Cake This French cake is called the gâteau nantais, and is a specialty of Nantes. It is made with ground almonds and salted butter and a generous dose of rum.

Spice Cake

Spice cake The Pain d’épices is a French cake that is made in the Alsace region. It can be enjoyed at tea time/breakfast.

Yule Log

Yule Log Called the Buche de Noel, this is a chocolate buttercream & Genoise cake. It is the perfect mix for this traditional French holiday dessert.

Try a Traditional French Cake

Every one of these traditional French cakes is delicious and has something special about it that will keep people coming back for more. They can be eaten plain or with other accompaniments/toppings and today, you will find many of these lining French Patisseries shelves across Australia. In saying that, you will certainly find a range of these traditional French Cakes in our patisserie at Castlecrag. Come in and try if for yourself.

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