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Oven Baking or Bread Machine – Which One Should You Opt For?

Although there can always be a difference in baking results, from one baker to another, there is a distinct difference between oven-baked and machine-baked bread, even when you use the same recipe. While oven-baked bread will be light and airy, the machine-baked version will have a more compressed and dense texture and is comparatively heavier as well.

Should specialty flour be used?

While it’s possible to improve baking results when you use machine flour, instead of all-purpose flour, eventually the difference doesn’t really warrant the additional cost of the special flour. Most breadmaker manufacturers will recommend that you use bread machine flour for best results. However, it is possible to achieve very good results even with regular flour. There are times when you can experiment with various measures and ingredients to improve your baking results.

So what makes bread that has been made in a breadmaker, to have such a dense and heavy texture? The pan in the machine is a confined space, and to a certain degree, this restrains the rising process a little bit, and the bread only rises to a certain level. The manner in which the breadmaker baking cycle has been designed also impacts how much the bread will rise, as will certain ingredients you use. Machine loaves may be of different sizes and shapes compared to standard bread, based on the bread maker design.

Is Dense Compacted Bread As Good as Oven-Baked Bread?

The answer to this question is yes because the bread is made with similar ingredients. In some instances, it may also be better than oven-baked bread because you are able to use your favourite whole grains in varying proportions. Some people prefer machine baked bread, to oven baked ones. While it’s great to have a densely textured toast to once in a while, a lighter and fluffy slice of bread looks and tastes better.

Bread texture

While most consumers prefer homemade bread, some don’t really like the texture of bread that has been baked in a machine. They often tend to overlook the convenience that breadmaker machines provide. When the machine is set on a dough setting, it does all the hard work for you. Not only does it knead the bread, but also allows it to run through the rise and rest periods.

This reduces the baking-related mess and saves you a significant amount of time. You have the flexibility to use the dough setting and basic recipes to make dough for cinnamon buns, sweet dough as well as pizza dough. It’s possible to get excellent results by starting your dough in a standard breadmaker, and then finishing it in an oven. Once the dough cycle has been completed, you have the option to shape it and then leave it to rise for the second time. You can then bake bread in your oven as for the recipe. When you use of Breadmaker for even one part of the overall the bread process, it gives you the breathing space you need to focus on other household or meal-related tasks while the dough cycle is in progress. Since there are different types of breadmakers on the market, it’s a good idea to buy one based on the amount of the baking you will be using it for.

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