An Explanation of the famous Ganache Chocolate Cake

Bonjour! Didier Sockeel here from Ganache Patisserie in Castlecraig again. Well today a little explanation about our famous ganache cake… ganache being our name. If you know what it means, it’s simple chocolate and cream. Boil the cream and boil the chocolate, and you have got your ganache. And ganache is what made this cake. […]

6 Novelty Cake Books to Help you Get Baking

Many people can cook, but very few can bake. This is because the latter requires creativity, skill, an urge to learn, practice and very importantly- a whole deal of patience. As a matter of fact, it is the last 2 factors that become very important in learning how to make novelty cakes.

6 Tips to Making Novelty Cakes at Home

Making novelty cakes is a little different from baking standard cakes. The former need a level of creativity and skill which is much above that of baking regular cakes. Novelty cakes are meant to be the show stoppers at the food table and an ice-breaker at a party too.

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