French-Styled Cakes that are a must Try

Baking French-styled cakes is an art and a science and not something that can be mastered very easily. But once you have practiced and honed the skill, you will find that it’s a fairly simple proposition. The success of French-style baking lies in acquiring the best possible ingredients- the freshest eggs and very high-quality flours […]

Ganache Helps you Bake with Panache!

What is Ganache: Ganache is a chocolate and cream concoction that can be found in different avatars in baked products. It’s essentially a French word and is used to describe a pastry icing, liquid coating or a filling. The Ganache History A large percentage of cooks believe that the Ganache is of Swiss origin and […]

Why a Chocolate Cake is the Best birthday Cake?

No matter how you look at it, chocolate is a cast iron crowd-pleaser. The young and most of the not-so-young might digress once in a while from the chocolate trail but will come right back on track before too long. That is the magic of chocolate, it is pure sin and one that most people […]

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