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Pick the Right Baking Sheets For Your Cookies

While it’s not too challenging to pick the right baking sheets to make cookies or any other baked goodies, there are certain aspects you may want to keep in view before purchasing any bakeware. There is a wide variety of bakeware to choose from so choose a few different baking sheets depending on the amount of baking you will be doing.

It’s good to have at least two baking sheets if you are an occasional baker. But you’ll probably want to buy more if you plan on baking very frequently or in larger quantities. Buy two larger size baking sheets and a couple of smaller sizes that you can use for jelly rolls, pizzas and other types of baking. These tools are quite versatile and have a number of uses.

Some tips

Here are some pointers that will help you make the right choice:

#1 Non-stick finish and bakeware construction

The commonest and the most reasonably-priced sheets don’t have a non-stick finish and are made of single ply. A lot of bakers still prefer this variety against other types. But if you want baking sheets that offer more even heat-distribution and ones that perform better, you should consider getting sheets that have multiple layers or even an aluminium core.

Baking sheets that have non-stick surfaces are easier to clean up; some of the finishes are far durable than others and the baked goods will also come off the surface very easily. If you prefer using silicone/parchment paper liners while baking, you don’t really need to spend anything extra on the non-stick pans and standard baking sheets will work perfectly well. While using silicone sheets adds to your post baking cleaning job, they help improve baking performance.

#2 With edges or without

There are a number of options to choose from, including flat baking sheets or ones with all-around edges or side edges. There will also be a variation in edge heights. The sheets without edges can also be used as a serving or display tray for your cake. These, as well as ones with an edge on one side, make it far easier to transfer the cookies without damaging them, once they are baked. The sheets with edges are more versatile and can be used to bake rolls, jelly, cinnamon rolls, and pizzas etc.

#3 With or without handles

The baking sheets with handles make it far easier to remove any hot pans from the oven, without actually getting the holder into your baked goods. Ones that have silicone inserts are helpful in reducing the risk of burns when you’re handling any hot baking sheets.

#4 Brand and size

If you are looking for energy-efficient options, look for sizes that allow you to place two baking sheets side-by-side on the same rack simultaneously. This won’t be a concern in case you have a very large oven. But if you have a more compact size oven, buy one larger and one smaller sheet. Baking sheets of the same brand and ones that are similar in size will also nest better which is an important factor with reference to storage.

Multi-layer baking sheets of good construction will also be more durable and are a good investment, as they will be able to handle heavy baking as well.

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