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Simple Tips to Get the Most Out of Fondant Moulds

Fondant is a very commonly-used material in cake decorations. It may be used either to cover the entire cake or to create smaller decorative pieces that are used to embellish cakes. Most people that like to bake and decorate cakes will have fondant moulds in their baking kit. But not many know exactly how versatile these can be. You can think out-of-the-box and get the most out of these fondant moulds in a creative manner; here are some ideas to get you going:

#1 Use your imagination

You can get as creative as you want, reimagine the designs and shapes of the fondant pieces by altering their original structure. For example, you can use only a small portion of the mould while making some decorations or simply trim away some parts of the already moulded pieces. Drape a moulded fondant piece around the edge of cookie sheets or tuck them into wells of cups and allow them to dry to create interestingly-shaped pieces.

#2 Use a combination of moulds and cutters

Both these tools can be used optimally when you use them in combination. Cut a variety of shapes from fondant lace bits and utilize them to create a shabby-chic design; make seashells or star fish for a cake designed on a seaside theme. You can also mould fondant daisies or roses using a heart cutter and use these decorations for floral-themed cakes.

#3 Fun ice cubes

Make ice cubes of various shapes using big and small fondant moulds. Floral ice cubes can look great in iced tea or ginger ale. Alternatively, freeze some water tinted with good-quality food colouring or freeze fruit purees in the fondant moulds and use these pieces to add an attractive look to your cocktails or mocktails.

#4 Sugar cookie art

Use fondant moulds to shape cookie dough to make the most detailed and intricately designed sugar cookies. Simply push some sugar cookie dough into the fondant moulds and place them in the freezer till the dough has frozen solid. It won’t take more than 10 to 20 minutes to freeze this, depending on how thick the mould is. Pop the cookies out of the moulds wrap them in plastic and store them in airtight bags in the freezer. You can bake these cookies right out of the freezer.

#5 Confection creativity

You can also use the moulds to make chocolate. Create some unique-looking truffles/bonbons with the deeper moulds. The pieces of chocolate that have been shaped in thinner fondant moulds can be used to create delectable and attractive cake decorations; you can also use them to decorate other chocolate creations or for topping cupcakes. Melt some isomalt or hard candy such as wrapped mints and cool them in fondant moulds. These moulded sugar bits can be used to add an interesting touch to your cake design.

As you can see, there are a number of ways in which you can use fondant moulds for much more than making fondant. Buy moulds of different shapes and sizes and make sure they can be used in the freezer and oven. This will give you the flexibility to use them in different ways and get more bang for your buck. Many creative people use these moulds for wax, soap as well as marzipan designs as well.

Always buy tools of good quality and follow these tips that we have just talked about. At Ganache Patisserie you will find fantastic breads and delicious croissants, french cakes, sculpted cakes, cupcakes, savoury treats and other baked goods for everyday consumption as well as for special occasions. Come; explore our scrumptious world of goodies.

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