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What is Strawberry Petit Four and What is Its Recipe?

Strawberry Petit Four Recipe

Petit Fours are essentially bite-sized confections that are served as a dessert or even as a sweet-treat with tea/coffee. The name itself- “petit four” is French, and translates into “small oven”. There are a number of Petit Fours, but the little cakes (with a filling), that are glazed & decorated, are the most common ones. Traditionally, these cakes are made with a delicious almond cake, but you can use any kind of cake and filling.

Strawberry Petit Fours have strawberry syrup and filling as well as a strawberry frosting. The sponge cake or the génoise (zhehn-WAHZ) acts like a sponge. The idea behind using it is that it will absorb all the flavoured syrups & liqueurs which give you a very moist and flavourful cake.You can use an almond jaconde for the Strawberry Petit Fours you plan to make.

Alternatively, use any fine-crumbed cake or a pound cake that will be able to stand-up to all the cutting, filling and decorating that is part and parcel of making this cake. Once these cakes have been made, it is possible to wrap and freeze them for upto a month. When you want to consume them, all you have to do is thaw them at room temperature.

Strawberry Petit Fours Recipe

This is a fantastic Strawberry Petit Fours recipe. It gives you a wonderfully strawberry-flavoured, fluffy, light and delicious cake. For those who can’t resist strawberries, simply pair this cake with strawberry frosting and you will have the most mouth-watering dessert you have ever eaten. The recipe itself does not make use of any artificial colours or flavors, but if you want a deeper colored cake, you can use a bit of food color.

The Strawberries Petit fours are also dipped in this semi-sweet chocolate which adds to the taste factor as chocolate always pairs very well with strawberries. If you so prefer, switch the dark chocolate with white and you have an equally tasty dessert. Strawberry Petit Fours is a very simple & effective dessert. Just ensure you use the best strawberries you can find and the best chocolate too- Preferably with 70% cocoa solids content.


  • 100g of bitter chocolate (broken up)
  • 1 tsp of Cointreau/similar liqueur (do not use any more)
  • 15 ripe fresh strawberries with the stalks on


  • Line a complete baking sheet with baking paper
  • Next put the chocolate as well as the Cointreau into a small bowl & melt it in the microwave on a slightly low power just for short bursts (remember, it’s very easy to over-work dark chocolate). It is also possible to melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Regardless of the method you use, do not stir it
  • Once the chocolate has melted, begin dipping the strawberries. Ensure that there are no drips or bald patches. Dip the fruit carefully and rotate
  • After the strawberries have been coated 2/3rds of the way up (you should be able to see some red), pull it right out of the chocolate & let it drip. Then hold the strawberry upside-down just for a few seconds before you transfer it to the tray that has the baking paper. Repeat these steps with the rest of the strawberries & leave to set in any cool place (not in the fridge).

Nutritional information

Per Petit Four: 38kcals, 0.4g protein, 1.9g fat (1.1g saturated), 5g sugar and trace salt


You will require a generous roll of baking-paper.

Wine Recommendation

Note: Crack open an aromatic Australian sweet Semillon and serve it with these little delectable mouthfuls. Serve it chilled in small glasses & pop them into the fridge just for a little along with the wine.

When Freshness Counts

There are a number of variations of Strawberry Petit Fours but you need to master one basic recipe and understand how it’s done. Once you have got it right, you can then let your creativity run free and make them the way you want. Note that this recipe turns out really well when you use fresh strawberries and this is the perfect season to make them. So, go ahead- enjoy making your Strawberry Petit Fours.

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