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Sugar Substitutes in Baking – Natural Alternatives

Stevia - healthy sugar alternative

Sugar, that is, the white, processed sugar, is very bad for your health. Everyone knows that; the first step towards good health to you significantly cut down on your sugar intake. According to health experts, a single cup of sugar (200 gms) contains about 750 calories. When you’re baking, you probably don’t think much about putting one or even two cups of sugar into the baking mixture. Check out a few tips to get your sugar facts right and determine the different types of sugar for baking here.

That’s a lot of calories, especially when you consider that the mixture might contain a significant amount of butter as well. Thankfully, you can easily replace both these ingredients and still enjoy a great dessert. Here are some of the better sugar substitutes in baking:


You might need about 2/3 cup of honey to replace about 1 cup of sugar. The calorie count and the amount of sugar doesn’t really change, at 750 and 200 respectively. However, honey is plentiful in antioxidants and adds great depth of flavour to any food item. The serving would contain about 130mg of potassium and some vitamin B and C. This is definitely a healthier alternative to sugar.

Unfortunately, honey can’t be used in recipes that call for creaming, that is, the process of mixing eggs and sugar to lighten the batter. Honey is best for quick breads, moist cakes, and puddings.


You would need only one and three quarters of a cup of molasses for each cup of sugar. This has calories that exceed that of sugar by a large margin. However, it’s also rich in nutrients. It contains high levels of calcium, iron, and potassium. It also contains vitamin B and copper, which are great for your health.

Molasses has a very distinct flavour and because of that, is best used with spiced cookies and breads like gingerbreads. It would also serve you well to reduce the amount of liquid in the batter.

Maple Syrup

This is the first ingredient on the list that has noticeably reduced calorie levels at 600 and about 160gms of sugar. You’ll need to at ¾ cup of maple syrup to replace a cup of sugar. This serving would have about 180mg of calcium. It also contains a hefty 322mg of the healthy omega-6 fatty acid.

Maple syrup can’t be used for recipes that require creaming, but it can be used for candies, caramels, pudding, etc. You can also pour it over desserts to keep cakes moist and add to the taste.


This ingredient is derived from sugarcane as well, but it’s processed differently. The sugarcane is juiced and the juice is heated, which creates syrup. This syrup is crystallized and then turned into granules. Working with sucanat is similar to working with brown sugar. You need to replace 1 for 1. It can be used for creaming too, so if you have this ingredient, you can try your regular recipes.

Sucanat is also healthier than refined sugar. It has calcium, vitamins A and B6, iron, chromium, and potassium. If you’re looking for a sugar replacement that can be used like sugar, this is the ingredient for you.


With zero calories and zero sugar, this is the healthiest substitute on the list. It can lower blood sugar and blood pressure levels, which makes it a great alternative to sugar. You might even get Stevia that’s specifically created for baking. Stevia is an excellent replacement to sugar and would promote better health in your family without compromising the taste.

These natural substitutes are healthier than processed, refined sugar because they offer some nutrition, even if they have the calories. At Ganache Patisserie, we encourage everyone to experiment with the natural ingredients to see how good the dish turns out to be. Check out our french cakes, savoury treats and other baked goods for everyday consumption as well as for special occasions. Come; explore our scrumptious world of goodies.

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