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tea party themed cakes

Tea Party Themed Cake Ideas

If you like hosting a tea party and like baking, chances are you like to include some delicious baked goodies to your tea party spread. It’s always fun to organise classic tea parties on occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays etc. Here are some delectable tea party themed cake and cupcake ideas to consider:

#1 Bridal show teapot cake

This is a very distinctive cake with unusual design elements and colours used in a clever fashion to create stunning and quirky designs. You can add a monogrammed plaque for that personal touch with hand-painted bold initials. A royal icing pearl or frill border can be used to add a flourish to the cake.

#2 Tea cake and recipe book

This is an excellent design for a large cake for someone that also likes baking. You also have the option to change the recipe book into a diary, an old styled album or even a pile of college books, depending on the occasion you are celebrating. You can perch the gum-paste tea pot decorated with gold edging, on the book cake. Adorn the cake as well as the board edges with sugar roses and other delicious treats. You can create a more elaborate design by adding gum paste tea cups around the surface of the cake, to complement the tea cup that’s sits at the centre.

#3 Cupcakes – Parisian tea room styled

Create cupcakes on a tea room inspired theme. Use a vintage-inspired palette and tint fondant toppers. These tiny treats look stunning and taste equally delicious. All the cupcakes use the same base ingredients: sugar, eggs, butter & flour. You can then decorate your tea time cupcakes in the manner you want- with frosting, pastry cream and fruits. Here are 3 ways to fill your cupcakes to perfection. If you want to be very authentic with the French theme, you can use orangewater, rose or chestnut cream, meringue frostings, pistachio crème etc. in your cupcakes.

#4 Butterfly birthday tea cake

You can create a butterfly shaped cake that makes a great design for a summer or springtime birthday party. Detail the main butterfly motif with delicate fondant quilling or use a scallop detail all around the base of the cake and the fondant detailing. Use a fresh and subtle palette or a more vibrant one depending on the overall colour scheme you are using for decorations and table settings.

#5 Tea party cupcakes

For unique flavours, you can try carrot cake cupcakes and red velvet cupcakes. The flavouring can be season-specific; for instance, you can use rich flavours in the colder months while in summertime and spring, opt for more fruity and fresh flavours. Fondant toppings of different colours and shapes can be used to complement the theme you are planning for your tea party.

Try jam-based fillings, meringue or even cream cheese icings if you want a sweeter, heavier cupcake peanut butter can lend a twist or interesting addition to balance all the fruity and summery flavours of the other cupcakes.

#6 Boulangerie/ pâtisserie-themed cupcakes

If you want to go all-out on the tea party theme, why not try baking cupcakes that look like baked goods like macarons and baguettes. You can also use flower flavours or coffee and chocolate ones. Create fondant designs on the top of the cupcakes to match the patisserie theme.

As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating unique and interesting tea party-themed cupcakes and cakes. You should experiment with flavours, ingredients, colours, designs and decoration techniques to bake creations that will get your guests talking about them.

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