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The Classic Ganache Recipe

The Classic Ganache Recipe

The word Ganache is one that appears a lot in dessert recipe cookbooks and though we all know it has chocolate in it, there is very little clarity about what the difference between just plain melted chocolate and a ganache is. The latter is essentially a mix of cream and melted chocolate and is used to glaze desserts and cakes. It can also be used as a filling in cakes or to make chocolate truffles.

A Peek into Ganache History

Though there are a few different stories about how the ganache was created, here is a more popular version- In the 1920’s, Georges Auguste Escoffier the famed French chef created this now world-famous dessert topping. His apprentice was attempting to make pastry cream and accidentally poured some hot cream into a bowlful of chocolate pieces instead of in the bowl of sugared eggs. The angry Escoffier admonished his apprentice, calling him- “ganache” (figuratively this word means “fool”). However, the result of this mistake was surprisingly delicious and its name- “ganache” stuck!

The Versatile Ganache

A ganache is pourable and smooth when warm, but as it cools down to room temperature, it starts thickening. Cooled ganache is quite firm and can easily be shaped; however it will still melt very quickly on the tongue. Classic chocolate truffles can be made with cooled ganache and it can also be used as a filling in a range of chocolate desserts. When you whip cooled ganache, it turns into a mousse-like blend which is very light and fluffy. This form is excellent to top pastries and cakes. Here is a basic ganache recipe:

Basic Ganache Recipe


  • 100 gms fresh cream
  • 140 gms good quality dark chocolate
  • 20 gms butter


    • Boil cream in saucepan.
    • Pour over the chopped chocolate (small pieces are better as they will melt faster).
    • Let it rest for a few minutes.
    • Stir gently until all pieces are melted.
    • Add butter once mixture has cooled down.
    • Use a stick blender below the surface and blend the ganache till it becomes slightly thicker.
    • Let it rest until ready to use.



Tip: If the ganache is just too hard to apply on a cake it’s possible to bring it back to the right consistency- just heat it in a microwave oven. Its consistency should be similar to that of peanut butter.

The Variations

Ganache recipes can also vary slightly based on the ratio of cream and chocolate. The one you use will depend on which dessert you want to use the ganache in and what your specific preferences are. Interestingly, you will also find that some recipes completely replace the cream with butter. This gives the ganache a more glazed look and the texture is much thinner too.

This variation isn’t really used to fill chocolates, but is excellent for coating candies. Typically, a classic ganache will be made using bittersweet chocolate, but it can also be made with milk chocolate or white chocolate. Ganache is thoroughly delicious on its own, however you can flavor it as you like and use it in truffle fillings.

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