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A Skilled Baker’s Secret Tool – The Fondant Roller

How often have you looked at an elegant, fondant–covered cake, but felt that it’s nothing more than a trick or skill that only professional cake designers are privy to; and not something you would be able to successfully pull off? Well, rethink this perception you have; smooth fondant isn’t that difficult to make. Apart from having a good fondant mix the only other thing you would need is a fondant roller – this is a very simple and basic cake decorating tool.

A Fondant Roller – What is it?

Very simply, it’s a tool that looks very much like a rolling pin and is used to smooth fondant (that’s of a clay-like consistency), into a thin sheet. If you go into a baking store and ask for a fondant roller, you will find there are so many varieties and designs to choose from that you are sure to get confused.

However, the most basic kind of fondant roller is a food-safe plastic tool; it’s seamless and smooth and has a non-stick surface. This allows you to easily roll out your fondant into a very smooth, thin layer. You will find fondant rollers of various sizes and most have guide rings.

The latter are very sturdy, thick rubber rings that can be affixed to the roller’s sides; these help you roll the fondant to the correct and consistent thickness. You can use a fondant roller to roll modelling chocolate as well. They are very handy, cake decorating tools that are very inexpensive too.

How to Use a Fondant Roller

Most people prefer to use the fondant roller with a fondant mat – this helps in getting the exact measurements and sizing as it has pre-marked circles on it. As a matter of fact, it also has square grids that can be used to measure strips. However, a sheet of parchment or waxed paper will serve the same purpose. This is how it’s used:

  • Just sprinkle the work surface with some confectioners’ sugar
  • Place the fondant on it
  • Sprinkle some confectioner’s sugar over the fondant as well
  • Gently roll it out till you attain the desired thickness
  • Once the fondant has been rolled, you will find there are a number of different ways in which it can be used such as:
    • Cut out shapes – You can use cookie cutters/fondant cutters to cut the fondant into various shapes and then use these cut-outs to decorate your finished cake.
    • Create decorations – The even and smooth fondant you roll with the roller, allows you to get creative and make very well-finished decorations. You can make just about any shape of decorations such as flowers, shoes, bows and loops etc. You can cut out strips of fondant and make stunning cake toppers with them
    • Free-form shapes – You can use fondant to mould it into dimensional, free-form shapes such as ruffles and roses. Since the consistency of the fondant is so even, it helps create decorations with a very polished look.

Patterned Fondant Rollers

Once you have honed your fondant making skills using the basic roller, you can graduate onto ones that have patterns on them. These look just like the basic roller, but have raised designs on them. You can use them to create an imprinted pattern which lends a very professional look to your fondant – stars, spirals and flowers- you will find there are a range of designs to choose from.

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