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The Ideal Way To Store Fondant

If you have either purchased a large quantity of fondant or have made a large batch at home, you can easily use it for more than just one cake; but you’d have to store fondant the right way. Many people wonder what they should do with the leftover fondant and today, that’s exactly what we will help you demystify:

#1 Wrap it wall and store it in bags

It’s never a good idea to expose the fondant to the atmosphere, except when you are actually working with it. The air will only cause it to dry out, making it very difficult to work with. Once your fondant is ready, simply wrap it well in cling film and then store it in a Ziploc bag. However, if you are using the fondant for much smaller pieces like creating small flowers or characters, you can simply keep fondant of different colours in individual zip lock bags (without the cling film). When you have scraps leftover from any cake decorating project, wrap it all up individually. Don’t forget to add a tag to the bag, with the date on which it was coloured and used.

#2 Protect it away from direct light

If tinted fondant is exposed to very bright light, it will fade and transform into a much paler shade; sometimes it may turn into a different colour altogether. While most colours are affected in this manner, white, blacks, blues, whites and purples tend to get the most impacted. Sunlight coming through a window can easily turn lavender, violet coloured cake into one with a yellow & blue design. All the fondant work should be stored in a dark, cool space. If you feel there is a lot of sunlight filtering through the glass windows, draw the drapes or blinds.

#3 Don’t freeze your fondant

People often colour and freeze the fondant several weeks before they need it. It’s not something we recommend because the condensation coming from the freezer can easily alter the texture and consistency of the fondant. It’s best to use fondant soon after you’ve made it, that’s when it’s the easiest to work with. Cut off the quantity you need, just before you ice the cake, colour it and then start using it immediately.

#4 Don’t let the fondant come in contact with water

Water and fondant means certain disaster. This is because the sugar in the fondant gets dissolved by the water and this can result in shiny patches or tiny craters in the icing. It’s important that you avoid leaving any water near the table, to avoid spills. Condensation can also play havoc with your fondant. This can form when you refrigerate you cake for too long and it is surrounded by moisture. This is why it’s best not to place a fondant-covered cake in the refrigerator. However, you can place each individual layer in the fridge for about 15-20 minutes. This allows it to firm up before transferring them to the cake board.

When you want to store any leftover fondant-covered cake, its best to first slice it into pieces, wrap each individual piece in cling film and then store them in freezer-safe containers. This gives you the flexibility to remove only as much as you need from the freezer, rather than pull out the whole cake and wait for it to thaw.

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