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The Top 10 Patisseries in France

Top 10 Patisseries in France

France is the birthplace of the patisserie concept and it’s no surprise that its choc-a-bloc with them. You will find a patisserie every 100 yards (and that’s no exaggeration). The simple fact is that the French love their pastries and so every place that sells them will have its steady patrons. Though there are hundreds of pastry shops that deserve a mention, we are only going to look at 10 of the most popular patisseries in France.

#1 Pâtisserie Lenôtre Dalloyau

There is no doubt that macarons are the monarchs of French patisseries. They look humble and unassuming, but that perception will last only till you sink your teeth into them- the explosion of flavor and the texture of the coating is what makes these a delicious dessert and no one makes them better than Pâtisserie Lenôtre Dalloyau. This is probably because, they are known as the “inventors” of macarons. They have a complete spread and a combination of flavors that is tantalising, to say the least.

#2 Pierre Hermé

This genius patissier founded the macaron day in the country and one of his creations that has put his name high up on the list of global pastry chefs is the arose flavor-filled croissant called the Ispahan. Of course he bakes a lot more than macarons, but these are the delectable desserts that people throng Pierre Hermé’s patisserie for. The lemon pound cake here is much sought after and so are the mango, cherry vanilla, passion fruit and other macaron creations.

#3 La Patisserie Cyril Lignac

The specialty of this place is the salted-caramel éclairs. Every season sees a different spread of scrumptious desserts on the shelves and you will always be tempted to try them all. The traditional Baba au Rhum is delicious to the last crumb and the chocolate, praline & caramel pastries are a staple

#4 Pâtisserie Lenôtre

This patisserie has a long history- Gaston Lenôtre founded his patisserie empire way back in 1957 – at that time it was no more than a small pastry shop & bakery. By 2009 (the year he died), he had created more than 60 niche pastry boutiques across 12 countries. His specialty is pastry recipes with very little sugar and flour, which he replaced with unfloury creams and mouses

#5 Dalloyau

This patisserie also has a rich history that dates back to King Louis XIV’s court in Versailles. In 1682, the Dalloyau family served as caterers to the King. The current-day patisserie was set up in 1802- its known to be Paris’ 1st gastronomic catering shop. The Religieuse, Opéra and Echequier pastries are their top sellers

#6 Angelina

This is a very famous pastry shop and tea room and is famous across France for its Mont-blanc creations- these are fine meringues that are covered in cream and have a candied chestnut frosting. They are served with hot chocolate and are a treat for anyone with a sweet tooth

#7 Des Gateaux et du Pain

This patisserie is immensely innovative and has a range of delectable cakes such as grapefruit cheesecake, vert absinthe, caramel religieuse, blackcurrant-violet Saint Honoré, cashmere cake and lipstick cake. Many of these cakes are flavoured with natural essences like thyme and mint

#8 L’Eclair de Genie Christophe Adam

The chef is known for re-imagining the éclair and his Strawberry Cake éclair, Butterscotch & sea salt éclairs, Red Raspberry éclair, Grand Cru Chocolate éclair or Caramel Popcorn éclair are delicious to the core. There are endless creations and the éclairs are available in a variety of designs and tastes

#9 La Pâtisserie des Rêve

The mouth-watering pastries here are iconic in their taste and presentation and Philippe Conticini, the chef patissier is revered in the field for his knowledge and expertise in pastry-making

#10 Patisserie Carette Vosges

You can sit under the quaint canopy of a very old arcade and enjoy some of the most tantalising millefeuilles, religieuses & St. Honorés here. The macarons are another must-mention and people from all over Paris head for this place for their shot of sweetness

France is a country that loves its pastries and its people will faithfully patronise their favourite pastry shops. Though many of the desserts served here may be similar in origin, they are distinctive in flavouring and styling and that’s where the difference lies.

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