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Tips for Catering Your Birthday Party – How to Get the Wow Factor

tips for catering your birthday party

Regardless of the kind of party you are organising, the food becomes one of the most important considerations. Luckily, our country has a number of culinary trends, all of which are creative and distinctive in their own way. When you are organising a birthday party, you want the food to be just right and will have to take a lot of pains to get everything that way. That can entail a lot of planning, acquiring fresh produce and ingredients and of course managing all the cooking.

This can be quite a time-consuming task and it’s also why many people prefer to hire birthday caterers for the job. But how can you be sure that they will do a good job and literally wow your guests with their foods? Here are some things you should pay attention to when catering your birthday party.

Things to Consider when Catering your Birthday Party

#1 Opt for fusion foods

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of trending cuisines in Australia and you can use a combination of ethnic and fusion dishes to add a truly exotic touch to your birthday party. The east-meets-west cuisine has become a major trend for many events. Mild spices and eastern and western flavours can be used to satiate your guest’s taste buds and leave a truly lasting impression.

#2 Consider having a themed menu

Take extra trouble to plan the theme of the menu, with your caterer. One of the best ways to include the theme of the party into your menu is to add the right foods and flavours. In this respect, detailing matters a great deal and you would need to hire a skilled and experienced caterer for the job. Incorporate heat and spice-free foods as well as palate neutralizers as you may have guests who prefer milder foods.

#3 Presentation matters

While it’s important to have the right menu and pick the right flavours don’t forget that food has to appeal to the senses as well. Its why you should discuss all the food presentation options with the caterer; ask them to show you photos of what they are planning; if you have specific preferences, give those inputs as well.

If your caterer is creative, they will be able to create attractive, edible art that can be as elaborate or simplistic as you want it to be. Creatively presented fruit arrangements and dishes with the right blend of colours and textures can turn your food into a discussion point.

#4 Bar-styled food service

This is another interesting idea that will impress your guests. Salad, seafood, snacks and oyster bars are an excellent choice. This style of food can easily become the focal point of the party- it can also be planned to complement the theme and the colour palette of the birthday party.

#5 Plan well

Regardless of the type of foods you are planning, it’s important to choose the dishes with care. It’s crucial to keep in view that food tastes are very subjective; something that one guest finds delectable, may not be appreciated by others. While it’s not practical to take every single guest’s preferences into consideration, the one way out of this quandary is to have a wider spread and include a variety of foods; that will keep everyone happy.

More Tips

Including a good amount of finger foods, delicious vegetarian options, getting your caterer to provide a few gluten-free cakes and desserts, offering a signature cocktail and including buffer foods like cheeses, olives and nuts is an excellent way to ensure the food arrangements are no less than perfect. And so wowing guests at your birthday party is about well-planned, creative catering. Incorporate these tips at your next party and see how impressed your guests will be.

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