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Tips on Cutting a Birthday or Wedding Cake

how to cut a birthday or wedding cake

If you have delegated the task of cutting your birthday cake to someone else, it’s crucial they know exactly what size you want the serving to be and the manner in which it has to be cut. If it’s your wedding cake that has to be cut, it’s but obvious that someone else will be tackling that job (in most instances it’s the caterer).

Not only do the servings have to be of the correct size, but the cake has to be cut using the proper technique. On the face of it, this may seem like a very simple task, but most people tend to do it incorrectly. Not all cakes are simple squares or rounds. It’s very common for people to have differently-shaped cakes at their birthdays while tiered cakes are very common at a wedding. If the incorrect cake cutting methods are used, it doesn’t take too long for a cake that’s meant to serve 150, to suffice only for less than 100 people.

Steps to cutting a cake

The same can happen at a birthday, where the person in charge of cutting the cake ends up making very large pieces at the start and the size slowly diminishes towards the end; at times, some children are left without any cake. The one way to prevent this from happening is to understand the basics of cake cutting. This is how you cut a birthday or wedding cake:

  • If the cake is very large or complex in design, it’s best that 2 people tackle the cake cutting. One person should exclusively focus on the cutting, while the other should be responsible for distributing the cut slices.
  • Keep a damp towel ready- this would be required to wipe your knife clean and clear it of crumbs, after every few slices. If you fail to do this, the cake slices tend to become untidy and ragged along the edges. If you aren’t careful, the cake may also end up like a big mound on the plate.
  • If the cake is very large and has separators, ensure there is enough place on the work table to keep all the inedible equipment as you work your way through the cake.
  • If you are cutting a wedding cake that’s tiered, start cutting it from the top. The topmost tier will generally be removed and set aside as it becomes the keepsake for the bride & groom.
  • Once you have done that, just remove the 2nd tier and place it on the work table/counter. Never ever try to cut the cake while it’s still atop the seperators.
  • The technique you use will entirely depend on the shape of your cake.
  • It’s not too difficult to cut rectangular and square cakes; but the round ones can be quite tricky to tackle.
  • Regardless of the shape of the cake, the serving size typically measures either 1-2″ by the actual depth of the tier.
  • Before you sink the knife into the cake, make a slight marking as to where you plan to cut it. This helps ensure you are cutting the cake into almost equal pieces.
  • When cutting a round cake, start in concentric circles and cut inwards towards the centre of the cake.

There isn’t really a fixed rule as to how cakes should be cut, but the 2″X2″ serving size and the basic cake cutting technique stays pretty much the same. Many patisseries give their customers a cake cutting diagram to use as a reference point. That becomes a good tool and its best to follow those basic instructions while cutting your cake. For more information about wedding, specialty and novelty cakes, you can contact Ganache Patisserie through this number – (02) 9967 2882 or use this online contact form.

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