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bake amazing cupcakes

Tips to Bake Amazing Cupcakes

Cupcakes are fun to bake and you can decorate them in a number of different ways to make them more attractive. Here are some tips to bake amazing cupcakes:

#1 Stick To The Recipe

This may sound very obvious, but it isn’t. It isn’t uncommon for many of us to substitute certain ingredients in cupcake recipes, with ones we have handy. Substituting eggs, using liquid sweetener, reducing the sugar content or replacing the cake flour with all-purpose flour, for even baking soda with baking powder – all of these are things you shouldn’t do.

Unless your recipe expressly states that you can you use a certain substitute, it’s best to stick to it. Ingredients are there for a certain reason. More often than not, recipes fail because we don’t follow them properly. It’s best to try the recipe as it is the first few times, and then experiment with alternatives afterward.

#2 All Ingredients Should Be At Room Temperature

Most baking recipes call for ingredients to be at room temperature. This is an important aspect to keep in view and follow while baking cupcakes. If your ingredients are too cold or too hot, that can only impact the texture and body of the final product.

#3 Mix It Right

When you are mixing your cupcake batter, do so only until the dry and wet ingredients are combined well. Over mixing the batter will give you a very tough-textured final product. This occurs because the gluten in the flour gets over-developed and you will end up getting heavy-tasting, dense cupcakes. Under-mixing will not lend your cupcakes the lightness you expect as the ingredients will not get incorporated well. Mix the batter only until there are no lumps or pockets of flour.

#4 Use Good Quality Cupcake Liners

You will find that there is a wide variety of cupcake liners on store shelves. Some of these may look very attractive and have vibrant colours and designs on them. However, do not be fooled with their appearance and opt for high-grade greaseproof liners. This will prevent your cupcakes from sticking to the sides of the wrappers and the grease will no longer ooze out of the liners either.

#5 Fill The Cupcake Pans Correctly

This is one step that most people overlook entirely. Based on your recipe, you might be either overfilling or under filling your liners. This can result in:

  • Cupcakes that rise & sink
  • Overflowing cupcakes
  • Cupcakes with mushroom tops

The unfortunate part is that most recipes don’t indicate exactly how much you should fill the liners. The thumb rule is to fill them up to 2/3rd the level. However, if you are baking chocolate cupcakes, the liners would need to be half full. If the batter is excessively thin, use any container with a spout to pour it into each cup. In case you have thick batter, you can use an ice cream scoop or even a large spoon.

In Addition, Follow These Tips Too….

  • Make it a point to use an oven thermometer while baking and do not rely on the oven’s temperature.
  • Bake only one batch at a time and place it in the centre of the oven.
  • Test whether your cupcakes are done by pressing down gently on them. If the surface bounces back completely, your cupcakes are done. If your finger leaves a dent on the surface, they would need a little more time in the oven.
  • Do not be in a rush to remove your cupcakes from the pan. Allow them to cool completely in the pan before removing them

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