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Top 10 Essential Pieces of Baking Equipment

Essential Pieces of Baking Equipment

Every serious baker knows exactly how important it is to have the right baking equipment. You will find literally hundreds of tools that will seem essential for baking and each one of them has some specific use. Most bakers build their collection of baking tools over years; however, there are certain baking equipment that are essential to start out with. Let’s take a look at what these are.

Top 10 Pieces for Baking

#1 Good Quality Measuring Tools

It’s important for every baker to have precisely-made liquid & dry measuring cups. As a matter of fact, this investment will have a positive impact on your baking. Opt for ones of the highest quality and you will find it makes a world of difference to your baking.

#2 Commercial Half-Sheet Pans

You will find a number of these pans in the market and a large variety in size and quality. Typically, the ones you should be opting for at the outset should be 18X12” in size. These can be used to bake sponge cakes, large batch brownies etc. They protect the oven from dripping pies and catch ingredients that you sprinkle on cookies and cakes.

#3 Parchment Paper

You will need cut parchment paper; this is used to make parchment cones, to fit in your cake pans and to line the cookie sheet pans and they make for very easy cleanup. You can sift dry ingredients onto this paper, and then just pick it up, and pour the ingredients into a measuring cup or bowl.

#4 Oven Thermometer

This is an important piece of baking equipment. It’s not uncommon to see poorly calibrated ovens and these can ruin your baking efforts. Look for a good quality multi-mount oven thermometer; most of these can be perched on the oven rack while others have magnets too.

#5 Shot-glass Measuring Cup

This cup has measurements printed on it and is extremely practical when you are measuring smaller amounts of liquids

#6 Rubber / Silicone Spatula

You will find spatulas made of rubber as well as silicone (this is a more modern material). Since they are flexible, it becomes very easy to scrape all the last bits from your mixing bowls; silicone spatulas are perfect for folding delicate ingredients or gentle stirring of items you have placed in pots on the stove. It’s interesting to note that some of the best baking tools tend to be multi-purpose.

#7 Icing Spatulas

These are different from the ones we just talked about. They are available in offset and straight versions and it’s good to buy all the variants if you love baking. They can be used to apply frosting on large wedding cakes as well as on tiny cupcakes. In addition, they can be used to smooth batter inside pans to get a levelled layer.

#8 Whisks

These are available in a range of sizes & shapes and they all serve specific purposes. The ones you can start adding to your collection are- balloon whisk, narrow shaped ones as well as ones with silicone-coated wire whisks.

#9 Silicone Pastry Brush

The pastry brush has been transformed by silicone; these brushes don’t shed, leave no residual pigment or flavour and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. These are available in a range of sizes and you should opt for ones that have delicate bristles.

#10 Bench Scraper

This is essentially a multi-purpose tool that gets the job done perfectly every time. These scrapers are used to chop and scoop up ingredients and then transfer them to bowls. You can use them to cut bars and brownies and they are very easy to clean. It’s a great tool to get every bit of dough and flour off your work surface once you are done with your baking

Things to Remember

Though we have listed these as the 10 must-have baking equipment for your kitchen; by no means are these the only ones you are going to need. As you go along, you can also add sieves of different grades, wooden spoons, pastry brushes, a rolling pin, a metal skewer, a zester and a lot more.

As you get more confident with your skills, look for useful multifunctional tools; this will keep you from having more baking equipment than what you really require. Very importantly, opt for high quality tools; as these will serve their purpose better and last longer too.

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