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Unconventional Tools for Creative Cake Decorating

If you’re a novice baker, it’s important to do research and learn as much as possible about different materials, tools and what they are used for etc. This will allow you to use all the baking equipment optimally. However, it’s equally important to get creative, practice, experiment and let your imagination run wild. This will help you eventually reach your full potential with cake baking and decorating.

The most successful cake decorators become the best in their niche because they are experimental and don’t shy from trying new concepts and techniques. There are a number of standard tools that every baker has in their kit, but you can also use some unconventional tools for creative cake decorating to create unique textures, patterns and designs; here we take a look at some of them:

#1 Make better use of scotch tape

Scotch tape can be used ingeniously on fondant cakes as guides while painting stripes. Place the tape along areas that you don’t want to paint. Just paint the exposed surfaces and peel away the tape to get sharper lines on every cake you decorate using this technique.

#2 Bring out those paper towels

You can use paper towels for more than just wiping off your baking counter top while you are in the kitchen. They can be used to get your buttercream icing to look super smooth and well-finished. Use a spatula to slather the buttercream onto the cake and smooth it as much as possible; get all the bumps out with an icing smoother. Once the icing has set and formed a light crust, take a non-textured paper towel and place it very gently against the sides of your cake. Hold the towel very still and rub your hand over its surface. Peel the paper towel off to get silky-smooth buttercream.

#3 The textured look

If you don’t like a very smooth surface on your buttercream cake, there are a number of different ways in which you can add texture to your creation. If you are using egg-white icing or royal icing that always hardens as it begins to dry, you can easily create a stunning lace texture on the cake’s surface. Use a piping bag that has a standard basket weave tip to give the entire surface a stunning woven look. Alternatively, use mesh for an all-over textured look. For a smooth fondant covered cake you can cut out portions of it with a patterned roller to lend some texture to it.

#4 Wax paper makes an impact

You can use wax paper to create DIY templates to get lines that can be transferred onto cakes, without having to worry about warping or stretching. Just cover the wax paper on a very thin layer of shortening; roll out the modelling chocolate or fondant on the wax paper, cut it into the shapes you want and place them on your cake. Once you have completed the design, add one finer layer of shortening to the fondant and pace it on your cake very gently. Now peel off the wax paper and you will find that there is a very stunning design on the cake.

You can try using different tools and techniques to create the most unique baked treats. All it takes is a bit of creativity and practice. Always buy tools of good quality and follow these tips that we have just talked about.

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