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Understanding More About What Artisan Bread Is

If you like trying different types of breads or even walk into the bread section of a patisserie, it’s likely you will see some artisan breads stacked there. They definitely look different from regular white bread or even some whole wheat breads. But what is it that makes an artisan loaf so special? Well, that’s what we are talking about here today.

Made by Artisans

This is one of the first reasons why the bread is called artisan bread; it’s made by artisans, or bakers that are skilled in the bread-making art. Artisan bread is uniquely rustic-looking and has an uneven crumb, and these qualities add to its attractiveness; they actually indicate the manner in which the bread changes from one day to the next.

Many believe that the hands-on process used to make this bread is what earns it the “artisan” tag. But many modern-day artisan bakers now use the latest baking technology and tools to save time and energy. While some bakeries tend to mix & knead the dough using a dough mixer, others prefer using fully-automated systems.

It’s not even about the volume of bread that a particular bakery makes or what its size is. It’s very easy to believe that artisan bread is made using conventional baking tools and that a baker that owns a small family-owned business toils away into the night, kneading dough and baking artisan bread. But many large and modern bakeries in cities and town across Australia bake excellent artisan bread as a matter of routine too.

Bread Making Techniques Matter

The fact of the matter is that artisan bread is what it is, because of the integrity quotient. It’s about the choices that a particular baker makes when baking this special bread; the variety of flour that’s used and the duration for which it is left to ferment (this is what lends the bread its unique flavouring). Natural starter is added to a mix of flour, salt and water and the dough is then carefully baked on a hearth. In modern bakeries the bread could be baked in an advanced modern deck oven.

The Technique and Knowledge Factors

Making artisan bread is about being knowledgeable and skilful and using the right technique. Regardless of the quality of the flour and sourdough starter used, how well the dough is kneaded and how much they stick to a recipe, the baker needs to have the skill and knowledge to use these to make excellent artisan bread and these don’t appear overnight. They are developed over time and come with practise; in fact it is a lifelong process.

Maintaining The Right Balance

Current day bakeries have to strike the right balance between maintaining the authenticity of the bread and maintaining growth and profitability. Most bakers (even in popular and upscale bakeries) experiment with their artisan bread making techniques. For us the key lies is sticking to traditional recipes and baking methods and honing your skills as well as using technology to your advantage to make the best bread possible.

We use the best ingredients and ensure that every loaf of bread is made with attention to detail and a great deal of love. That’s what keeps our customers coming back for more and we are more than happy to keep adding new breads and desserts to the impressive spread of products we already have.

At Ganache Patisserie you will find fantastic breads, savoury treats and delicious croissants, cakes, pastries and other baked goods for everyday consumption as well as for special occasions. Come; explore our scrumptious world of goodies.

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