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New Ideas for Wedding Cakes in 2016

wedding cake trends for 2016

If you are getting your wedding plans in place, one of the major decisions will be which wedding cake to choose. One would think that with the variety of options available today, that wouldn’t be much of a problem. Ironically, the vast choice is what leaves most couples in a quandary and they aren’t too sure about which cake they would like to opt for. There was a time, not so long ago, when wedding cakes were quite predictable – they were white or white and pink, with lots of flowers and silver balls sprinkled over them.

Some of them had iced designs piped on to the large flat cakes or tiered ones. But as mentioned earlier, all that has changed and today, there is no dearth of choice when it comes to wedding cakes. Take a look at what the latest wedding cake trends of 2016 are:

Latest Wedding Cake Trends

Cakes that are a reflection of the bride’s personality

Today, a large number of brides are opting for this. If the couple has a very romantic engagement story, they want it to be reflected in their wedding cake too.

The dessert table

Instead of opting for just one large wedding cake, many brides are now open to the idea of having a dessert table. They are opting for more non-conventional flavoured sponge cakes that have delectable fillings; very simply, indulgence is in.

The classic cakes are back too

Some brides are choosing to have classic cakes that are very reminiscent of the 1950s. They are opting for traditional tiered cakes, albeit with more modern embellishments and sugar laces etc. The florals are brighter and bolder and it’s common to see cakes with large roses, peonies etc.

Macaroon cakes

These were a major trend in 2015 and it seems to have carried through into this year too. These look impressive and effervescent and are a treat for the taste buds as well.

Breaking away from tradition

The wedding cakes of today are very ‘statement making’. Many couples are choosing to have strong silhouettes and fruit cakes with bold colours.

Naked cakes

Again, this was another trend that emerged in 2015 and has managed to stay strong in 2016 as well. A naked cake is essentially a cake without any icing or frosting. This fits in very well with the rustic theme weddings that a lot of people are choosing to have today.

Sugared flower cakes

The prediction is that flowers are here to stay in 2016, but with a twist. Laser- cut effect flowers are becoming very popular embellishments on wedding cakes this year.

Delicate lace

Royal icing and delicate lace patterns are now showing up with greater frequency on wedding cakes. These could be combined with sugared flower cakes to create a dream-like combination of fruit and lace.

Metallic cakes

It’s not very common to see black and gold at weddings; however, they are extremely fashionable wedding cake choices this year. These are typically done in the rococo or baroque styles and gold is a definite favourite.

More Options

Apart from these trends, many couples are opting for detailed cake decorations; prefer adding more fruit and flavours and less of crème. While some prefer lighter and airy cakes, many couples are now more open to dense wedding cake ideas and ones that lean very heavily on fruit combinations. Of course we are only just into 2016, and there is a possibility that these trends will evolve and take some more distinctive form. For stunning and unique, creative wedding cakes, contact Ganache Patisserie through this number – (02) 9967 2882 or use this online contact form.

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