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focaccia bread

What Exactly Is Focaccia Bread?

Ancient Greeks or Etruscans, as some say, gave us the basic recipe of focaccia bread. It is a yeasted flatbread that is generally eaten plain. But, it can also be enjoyed with toppings such as a spray of olive oil, some spices, and other garnishing of your choice.

How Focaccia Baking Progressed

It is interesting to know how focaccia has progressed in its journey from early times to the present day. Many small additions and improvements have taken place all along, and the bread has evolved in an interesting way. In ancient times, people used simple things like hot fire, a heated tile, or even an earthen disk for baking focaccia, as they would for any similar flatbreads. Today, versatile baking equipment is used to bake a focaccia.

How Focaccia Bread Is Baked

  • Once the yeasted dough is ready with bubbles on the surface, a knife is used to dot or puncture it in order to remove all the bubbles.
  • Brush the dough with olive oil before you place it in the oven to rise and bake. Olive oil helps to retain moisture in the bread.

The focaccia bread has undergone a considerable transformation from its plain taste and appearance. A variety of flavourings and toppings are now added in various regions of Italy. Interestingly, the addition of toppings is considered as a precursor of the present day pizza. It only proves that this bread is extremely versatile and can be a snack, a light meal, or a complement to a full meal.

Focaccia Has Changed In Every Way

People across the world experiment with focaccia in various way. Savoury focaccia with herbs like sage, rosemary, olive oil, and cheeses or even onion and garlic is popular in the United States. On the other hand, sweet focaccias have everything from sugar, honey, raisins to lemon and orange peel etc.

It is no surprise that the present day focaccia has little resemblance to its plain ancestor. This Italian plain bread has undergone a change in substance and been rechristened in different countries of the world. For instance, it is foisse or fouaisse or fougasse in France, fugazza in Argentina and hogaza in Spain.

Focaccia Bread is Easy To Make

Baking a good focaccia bread does not need expertise in bread making. It does not need a particular shape, nor does it need to rise much to become airy. Just an inch of rise before it is placed in the oven is good enough to bake this popular flatbread. And if it gets deflated in the process of baking, you have a new version of focaccia – a chewy bread.

Don’t Complicate Your Focaccia

The real appeal of focaccia is that it is plain flatbread. Therefore it is important not to complicate this bread with dense toppings. Some simple toppings like pitted olives, a smattering of olive oil, thinly sliced onions etc. serve to retain and reveal the true taste and texture of the focaccia bread.

However, do add the fun element to your focaccia by including some flavours. If you don’t want to make the bread from scratch, you still have the option to use ready-to-bake focaccias that just need the warmth of a preheated oven for a while. Once it’s ready, slice it and serve with a dip of your choice.

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