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What is a Vegan Birthday Cake?

A Vegan birthday cake is the perfect addition to any celebration. Many people today follow veganism while others prefer to steer clear of eggs and dairy products and this cake is a good choice for them too. Many people feel that vegans lead austere diets; but that really isn’t the case and it isn’t necessary either.

A vegan cake can be just as delicious and suited to any celebration as any regular cake. What’s probably even better is that this cake can be enjoyed by vegans as well as non-vegans and it’s a nutritious alternative to egg and dairy-laden baked treats.

What exactly is a vegan birthday cake?

A vegan cake doesn’t have any dairy products or eggs. Apart from that, no other animal products are used in making the cake either, such as:

  • Cochineal cake colouring
  • Gelatine that might be present in certain shop-bought cake fillings
  • Honey – sometimes it’s used as a sweetener

By no means does this indicate that a vegan birthday cake will be bland. You can get as creative as you want, and add a variety of ingredients such as nuts, fruit and cocoa etc. If you are following a raw food diet, it’s possible to make a cake from various raw food ingredients that have no animal products in them at all.

The ingredients that can be substituted

  • Butter – It’s not difficult to substitute butter in your cake recipe. You just have to use oil/vegetable margarine instead. Stay away from low-fat margarines; these won’t give you the best baking results.
  • Sugar – At times, bleached white sugar is processed in a way that it utilises animal bones. This is why many vegans choose to use cane sugar instead of bleached sugar.
  • Eggs – You can easily find a replacement for eggs. A number of vegan recipes use applesauce which adds the required moisture to your cake.
  • Honey – This can be replaced with syrups from various vegetable sources (e.g.- maple syrup)
  • Milk and cream – Use soy milk instead. If you like, you can also reconstitute dry soy milk with a bit of water and use it to make milk “cream”.


A birthday cake would be incomplete without a frosting of some kind. Luckily, there are a number of ways in which vegan frosting can be made. Replace the oil/butter using vegetable margarine in a traditional cake recipe. You can also use a non-dairy, cream cheese substitute to make a cream cheese frosting.

Types of vegan cakes

  • Moist vegan carrot cake – This is the vegan variant of the regular carrot cake and is made without any eggs or dairy products.
  • Chocolate cake – This can be made with a chocolate frosting.
  • Cupcakes – You can also make cupcakes using vegan ingredients and decorate them with different-flavoured frosting.
  • Coconut cakes can be also be made by adding tofu

Vegan birthday cake – Making tips

  • Don’t restrict yourself and your creativity – try a mix-and-match of different ingredients. For instance, if you don’t want a very sweet cake, you can adjust the amount of sweeteners you use.
  • You will find that most vegan cakes can easily be frozen. It might be a good idea to make a larger batch and then freeze one of the cakes for another occasion.
  • Take extra effort to make the perfect icing/frosting- after all, what’s a birthday cake without icing?

As you can see, making a vegan cake can be quite an easy proposition. You only need to know how to use the right ingredients to get the texture and flavour you want. And that means you should be willing and eager to experiment.

At Ganache Patisserie you will find fantastic vegan cakes for all occasions, many that have been decorated with superb frosting and icing. Come and explore our delicious and scrumptious world of goodies and savoury treats.

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