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What is Black and White Cake?

Hey, bonjour. This is Didier Sockeel from Ganache Patisserie.

Well let’s talk today about this most famous cake, the black and white. Black and white, as it says, dark and white being the two kinds of chocolate we use for these cakes. The only particularity of this one is that it’s gluten free, like most people like now. It’s made of two layers of biscuit and the flour’s been replaced with cocoa powder, therefore there’s no gluten whatsoever. It’s quite soft. And also the bottom half is ganache which is lightened up with some cream.

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So it’s like a mousse of chocolate, dark chocolate only. And on the top we have some white chocolate, which is also made of cream, egg yolk and white chocolate. All chocolate we use is from Belgium, so it’s quite nice and tasty. And once it’s set in the freezer, we set it off with some nice white chocolate shaving.

In a future video, I will demonstrate to you this cake when it’s finished– it’s quite tricky. It’s quite a technical thing to do it. Also it can be done with white chocolate, dark chocolate or milk chocolate and just a little bit of cocoa powder and some sugar on top.

Same decorating for birthday or a party, you might like. Can be done up to 80, 100 people– very big. And the last part, the only thing is it doesn’t like the heat, obviously. You’ve got to take care of it and put it straight in the fridge when you get home because any type of heat will melt the chocolate down and you might not have the result you wanted. So enjoy and see you soon. Bye.

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