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Food for Thought – What Spiked the Finger Food Trend?

What Spiked the Finger Food Trend

Today, finger food has become a craze and a trend that people across the world are taking to with great enthusiasm. So what exactly is it, what has led to its popularity and where is it served. Let’s embark upon the journey through finger food land and see why it has the world dancing at its finger-tips.

What is It?

As the name suggests, finger food is eaten by hand. Ideally, you will not need a fork, pick or knife to eat it. In most instances, it’s also just an entrée, but can be served as a main course too, based on what and how it is being served. In simple words, what used to be no more than appetisers, have now nudged all the elaborate and expensive main course dishes off the plate and assumed place of pride. The attraction point of these foods is that you just pick them with your fingers & most can also be consumed in a single bite.

The Trend

Though the finger food craze has caught on across the world, it differs from one country to the next. While some people will opt for small sausages and meat cuts layered with a variety of cheeses and fruit, miniature meat pies, mini burgers, chicken wings etc, some may like to go 100% vegetarian and have sautéed vegetables, tofu and bean curd on multi-grain bread slices.

The Reason for its Popularity

Regardless of the type of finger food served and the country it is served in, the reasons for opting for it largely remain the same. Finger foods are preferred because:

  • They are a no-mess food
  • Bite-sized foods means guests can try out a variety
  • They look interesting
  • Simple to serve
  • Convenient
  • Can be made with local produce and still taste unique because of the blend
  • No elaborate cutlery required
  • No specific seating arrangement required (such as the ones needed for a sit-down meal)
  • Can be very healthy (depending on what goes into making them)
  • Less wastage
  • Cost-effective

The Catering Aspect

Falling in line with the market demand for finger foods, caterers across Australia now have finger food options for weddings, corporate events, private party catering and other events. This one food concept has transcended the boundaries of the food preferences that people used to have when it came to serving food for different events.

Today, it’s considered stylish and luxurious even, to serve finger food at a very elegant wedding or any other special event. It gives guests the freedom to nibble a on a variety of delectable foods, while they mingle with the other guests; without having to worry about holding a plate in their hands. The caterers also find it more convenient and less messy to serve finger foods.

The Health Aspect

The other trend that has emerged is that of healthy finger foods. Fattening and fried foods are giving way for fresh and unprocessed ingredients. Grilled meats and whole grain breads are replacing mini muffins and white breads. Red meat is giving way to white meats and seafoods. All-in-all, the entire concept is trending in the right direction and people everywhere are loving it. It’s definitely tempting to see the array of colours and textures of finger foods at any event.

The fact that they are so small makes it simpler for guests to just sample one and judge whether they like a particular food before they take more of it. The one fact to keep in mind here is that though it may look like finger food is not too elaborate in terms of the actual cooking required, only a caterer with a certain amount of creativity and skills can assemble scrumptious finger foods.

The Perfect Food Concept

The preparation time required is not too much, but the assembly does take time. Finger food chefs use various ingredients in a creative and ingenious manner to create magic on the food table. It’s a great way of keeping your guests interested in the food without distracting them from the event they are attending. So, the next time you are planning on any event, consider serving your guests some finger food!!

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