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What type of icing suits a chocolate cake the best?

Yummy cake with chocolate icing

There are sometimes in life when we all find ourselves confronted with some very serious questions. And in seeking the right answers, we might just go through a highly-defining moment or two. Talk of chocolate does that to you and if that chocolate is in a cake and the icing that should go on top of it – the defining moment becomes an even more intense one.

In order to make that chocolate cake look neat and good, we use different types of icing and in many cases, it’s also not just about cosmetics, it’s about flavour, texture and blend. But the fact is that there are a hundred different icings that you can choose from and for a creative baker, the sky is the limit!

No matter which icing you use, some basics do not change.

Glaze to Amaze:

For instance, the glaze icing just like the royal is a classic. Though the latter purports to be well, the more “royal” one, the glaze has its loyal followers. Truth is that glaze is definitely a people pleaser. A shiny glossy glaze that is made with cacao powder, cream and glucose does the trick for many a chocolate cake. It can be decorated with abstract pieces or flakes of chocolate to break the monotony.

Glaze icing is thin & glossy and it will stiffen as it dries. The adventurous can couple this with flavours like orange milk chocolate, lemon, or white chocolate. It does wonders for a cake’s flavour and the glaze looks good too. The glaze can be brushed, spread or drizzled over a chocolate cake and if you have made a very heavy variant of cake, the glazing can be minimal.

The mixture of this melted & semi-sweet chocolate & hot cream is delicious and keeps well in the refrigerator for a long time, with not much of an impact on its flavour, colour or texture. Pure chocolate tastes great in the Ganache and the chocomacadamia. The name itself sounds very posh and has a very luxurious shine when it starts hardening.

The Black & White Dream

A marble cake is one that is made with 2 colours of batter, which creates a marbled effect in a finished cake. Based on how these colours are blended, the marbled cake may be streaky, mottled, or very delicately marbled with some rich veins of color. This particular cake is simple to make, and you can make different batters to create the color and the texture you desire.

Cover it Right

This cake can be covered with couverture chocolate. This is a kind of chocolate that is used very commonly to cover things and goes very well with different types of chocolate cakes. The Cocoa butter in it is what makes it creamy and delicious. This ingredient is solid when it is at room temperature but once it is tempered and you put it in your mouth, it turns creamy and luscious.

The trick to using Couverture Chocolate

Couverture chocolate has much more cocoa butter than any other kind of chocolate – almost 40%. What this means is that couverture chocolate melts & pours even more readily than all other types of rich chocolate. It also spreads easily and coats very evenly & thinly. As long as you temper it properly, it will also have a glossier sheen and brittle snap once it firms up. This is available in dark, white/milk and is a great covering for a gooey, chocolaty melt-in-the-mouth cake.

The beauty of chocolate is that it’s can tantalise your senses and your taste buds, can be moulded and blended, grated and flaked, squared and poured any which way you want and then be used in cakes that can capture your heart and send your taste buds into a swirl.

Decide for yourself

So there you are; a few different choices for you to consider the next time you are making a chocolate cake and trying to decide which type of icing you should use to compliment it. If you like your chocolate cake then we have you well and truly covered… View our range of Cakes for Chocoholics to see the different types of icing that we use. We guarantee that our French-Styled chocolate cakes will satisfy the desire of even the most hardened chocolate connoisseur.

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