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When Should you Plan to Cut your Cake at Your Wedding?

It was an unquestionable wedding tradition that when the couple has to cut the wedding cake, the music will suddenly be stopped and the wedding cake will be ceremoniously wheeled out. The guests that are shaking a leg on the dance step back in Red Sea style, to make way for the high point of the evening. Once the long-awaited cake cutting ritual is over, the wedding band or DJ strikes up the notes hoping against hope that the guests will start off where they had stopped.

A Welcome Change in Tradition

But somehow, the cake cutting activity severs the momentum and most people simply start moving back to their seats or start planning to leave the venue as well. This sudden drop in the enthusiasm levels and the fun and revelry, has made many couples reinvent the set schedule that the wedding reception follows. They are now cutting the wedding cake in the wake of the first toasts and the spotlight dances and of course after the bride and groom welcome their guests to the wedding venue.

Cake Cutting – Getting the Timing Right

This seems to be a welcome change as it ensures that the evening doesn’t fizzle out like a damp firecracker. This is how you should you should plan it:

  • Your wedding cake will be displayed at the sweetheart table
  • Once the spotlight dances are over, you will go over to that table for all the toasts
  • The emcee will then make the announcement that you will now cut the cake
  • That’s when you stand up and the wedding photographer does his bit by taking all the photos he needs
  • Once you have cut the cake, the catering staff will then wheel the cake back right into the kitchen; that’s where it will be refrigerated till the time it has to be brought out again
  • This is a far better option to leaving the cake out in the ballroom area for hours (which at times can ruin the creation)
  • The cake can then be brought to a normal temperature for all the frostings and fillings before the slices are served in the course of the wedding desert hour

This new cake cutting trend has been welcomed by wedding guests. The older guests particularly love this new tradition as it is considered to be impolite for guests to leave any time before the wedding cake is cut. When the cake is cut earlier in the evening, it also tells your guests that they have the freedom to leave without worrying about being discourteous.

Some Distinct Advantages

Cutting the cake earlier in the reception has another distinct advantage. It will help you look much fresher in all your cake cutting moment photos as well as your wedding video – a flattened hairstyle or a shiny nose doesn’t really flatter the appearance of either the bride or the groom; and that’s exactly what happens after your have danced your feet away and enjoyed your wedding celebration.

Of course, when you cut your wedding cake is more of a personal preference and you can also decide to cut the cake much later in the night. Some couples just prefer to do this after the dinner service in the wedding banquet hall; as this doesn’t interrupt all the dancing, and it helps protect the cake too.

The newer trend somehow seems to be more logical and has a number of advantages too. So before the big day, plan on exactly what time of your reception you will cut your wedding cake.

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