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Why a 21st Novelty Birthday Cake is a Great Idea

Why a 21st Novelty Birthday Cake is a great idea

Previously, the legal-age for adulthood was 21 in Australia. That is still what it is across UK and in the US. But when Australia decreased the official army enlistment age from 21 and brought it down to 18, the parliament changed the adulthood age.

The logic was that if they were old enough to be sent to war, it wasn’t really fair to allow them to die for the country and its people without giving them the privilege of legally enjoying a smoke or beer with the rest of the boys.

The Milestone Birthday

But somehow the “21” milestone is still looked upon as “coming of age” and 18 as well as 21 are celebrated as special birthdays. Of course, traditions have changed over the years and a person’s 21st birthday is more an occasion to have a big party & the celebrations tend to be a little raucous. Some 21st birthday celebrations are even more elaborate than weddings and people also splurge on them.

The modest bashes have now become a big deal and parents spend thousands of dollars on their child’s 21st birthday parties. And what’s a special event without a special cake? This is where novelty cakes enter the scene. You will find the more traditional and “demure” cake designs, but there are some concepts that are daring or even outlandish.

A Range of Options

Just as there are design trends in wedding cakes, bakers go out of the way to offer clients a range of options for their 21st birthday cake designs. Some clients want certain ideas or concepts woven into the cake and skilled cake designers are able to handle those requests too.

Those who order these cakes also want the cake design to reflect the personality and interests of the person it is for. And so you will find themes like sports, beauty and fashion, pastimes, indulgences and even future career interests. It’s common to find cakes that are shaped like cigarette cases or vodka bottles, a rugby ball, fishing or party themes etc.

Ideas in Design

The idea is to make the cake unique for the person whose birthday it is. And that is what novelty cake design is all about- there is absolutely no limit when it comes to 21st birthday cake designs. Some 21st birthday cakes may be decorative yet simple in design, but that is more of an exception than a rule. It is after all, a milestone birthday and the occasion demands a special cake.

When Taste Matters

You will also find a range of cakes online and today and in addition to physical stores, almost every patisserie has an online presence too. Even those with small home baking businesses have websites and you will find a number of cake ideas online. Just as people are focusing on getting the right design and theme for the birthday cake, they also want the cake to taste delicious.

Why a 21st Birthday Cake Is Special

Novelty cake makers everywhere are ensuring that their cakes taste as fantastic as they look. They are going out of their way to add fresh flowers and fruits to the cakes, and adding different liquors and dry fruits in them which adds to the spirit of celebration. As you can see, there are a number of reasons why a novelty cake is a great idea for a 21st birthday:

  • A milestone birthday needs a milestone cake
  • It’s a great way of capturing the interests/hobbies/personality/career in the cake design
  • It makes the person feel special
  • It adds a quotient of interest at the birthday
  • Is a definite ice breaker
  • Gives the guests something to talk about long after the event
  • Shows the person you care

Fantastic Ideas

With so many plusses in its favour, it’s no surprise that families and friends of people who are turning 21, plan months in advance to ensure that their loved ones have a memorable birthday. And a memorable cake becomes an inseparable component of that celebration.

Check for fantastic 21st birthday cake design ideas online or in books and get some inspiration from there. You can then create your own designs and have a skilled baker make a delicious and unique novelty cake for you.

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