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Why a Chocolate Cake is the Best birthday Cake?

Chocolate Cake at a kids Birthday Party

No matter how you look at it, chocolate is a cast iron crowd-pleaser. The young and most of the not-so-young might digress once in a while from the chocolate trail but will come right back on track before too long. That is the magic of chocolate, it is pure sin and one that most people would like to indulge in over and over again!

Chocolate will be consumed in various forms, but it is undoubtedly the reigning monarch of the cake world. Especially, a birthday cake is one that has to be made of chocolate. Birthdays and chocolate cake go hand-in-hand.

When History Speaks

Take a peek into chocolate history and you will see that the ancient Aztecs believed that chocolate was a food that was fit for the gods. The Early Europeans believed that it could serve as a medicine and a love potion. And very frankly, not much has changed over the centuries and our love affair with the indestructible cocoa bean has remained unscathed.

But what is it that makes it a must-have and why does it hold an allure for people of every age? The most obvious answer is that it has a rich flavour and a creamy texture and is oh so delicious! Every time we taste any chocolate, it brings back some beautiful memories; it’s sensual and versatile to the core.

Why Chocolate?

Chocolate can be used with a variety of desserts, in cakes and can be used in combination with nuts and spices. Its available anytime of the year and in different forms and varieties, textures and flavours – it’s simply hard to resist. Check out some smart ideas to use up leftover chocolate. Let’s take a look at why many people staunchly believe that a birthday cake is not a cake till it’s made of chocolate:

It’s Addictive:

This is one addiction that you won’t have to see a therapist about… Apart from its taste, there is a more scientific reason as to why chocolate brings you a light and happy feeling. It contains cannabinoids. These compounds are responsible for giving you a slight high. Chocolate of course has this in very small quantities. It also contains caffeine & 2 more substances known as tryptophan and tryamine.

The brain converts these into dopamine and serotonin, which are the feel good chemicals that stimulate the pleasure centres in the brain. It’s this feeling that prods you to reach for the next piece of chocolate cake and then the next. Adding to the potency of this feeling are our memories that are attached to chocolate which create a very powerful conditioned response. The minute you see a chocolate cake at a birthday party, your serotonin fibres will start rising.


It makes you feel very energetic and sugar in any form does that to you. Test it for yourself… If you are extremely stressed and need to get back into nitrous mode, treat yourself to a delectable slice of gooey chocolate cake and see the energy boost it gives you.

Expression of Affection:

A chocolate birthday cake expresses affection and happiness and that is what a birthday is all about. As we mentioned, a chocolate birthday cake is a crowd pleaser!

Everyone likes a Chocolate Cake:

Very truthfully, most people who will look no further than a chocolate cake for a birthday. They will also tell you that they don’t really feel the need to rationalise why they love it so much. No matter how simple the rest of the food at a party, a chocolate cake makes the celebration feel complete. It lights up the faces of children and adults alike.

It has to be a Chocolate Birthday Cake!

This list can go on and on and you will be more and more convinced about the fact that a birthday cake can never be a cake until it’s a chocolate cake. But it’s not just that simple of choice… Should you settle for a light & fluffy, rich & dark, Devil’s food, Mississippi Mud or our range of Cakes for Chocoholics?

A true blue chocolate cake lover will very simply give you a “look” and tell you to just bring on the chocolate in any form you want. A chocolate birthday cake is bliss in every form!

Happy baking!
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