Celebrate the festive season with some sweet treats from Ganache Patisserie.

Contact us online or give us a call now to order for Christmas.

Christmas Specialities

Christmas pudding

$7.00 (individual)

$38.00 (900g)

Christmas Cake

$29.90 (Small – 800g)

$38.90 (Medium – 1,100g)

$49.90 (Large – 1,600g)

Christmas Mince Pies

$2.80 (Individual)

$33.60 (Baker’s Dozen)


$8.40 (Bag of 5)

$16.80 (Bag of 10)

Vanilla Shortbread

$8.70 (Bag of 10)


Gingerbread House

$44.00 (Small)

$54.90 (Large)

$26.00 (Do-it-yourself Kit)

Gingerbread Tree

$16.00 (150g)


Bûches de Noël (Christmas logs)

Bûche Chocolate/Exotic  Small (serves 6-8)  –  $35.00

Rose Litchi Large (serves 8-10)  –  $45.00

Pomme Apple Large (serves 8-10)  –  $45.00

Fresh Fruit Tarts

Strawberry or Mango (Large, 21cm, serves 6-8) – $30.00

Freshfruit, Mixed Berry (Max, 30cm, serves 14+) – $44.00

December Opening Hours

All Christmas orders must be made by 12pm, Sunday 22nd December

Monday 9th: 7.30am-3.00pm
Monday 16th:    7.30am-3.00pm
Monday 23rd:    7.30am-3.00pm
Tuesday 24th:   7.30am-4.00pm

Christmas Day:  Closed
Boxing Day: Closed

Friday 27th:    7.30am-3pm
Saturday 28th:  7.30am-2pm
Sunday 29th:    7.30am-2pm
Monday 30th:    7.30am-2pm
Tuesday 31st:   7.00am-2pm

Closed for summer holidays from
Wednesday 1st January
Reopening: Wednesday 23rd January